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WOW! What a great weekend away with pretty much our entire tribe for lack of a better description. PN,RP,LB and I headed down to the poly camp just outside of Olympia. The venue was perfect with a warm lake, lots of privacy and plenty of space for all. Derby and her family were there as well as Gemini girl and some other locals who made the trip. There were 180 people there but it was the most relaxing camping trip of the year. I didn't attend any workshops or do a whole lot of poly talking but instead just swam and hung out with a few new friends. The atmosphere was completely inviting and the food was excellent

We left and made a trip to the space needle with LB for a late birthday present. When we got home I discovered a flood in my suite so now the floor is being replaced and I will be hanging out upstairs for a while. RP and PN really helped me a lot and it is good to have so much loving family to draw upon in times of need

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