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I actually suggest you don't go out and find yourself a partner...

I wrote about this elsewhere today...

I don't generally think its the best way to "sort out emotions" by going on dates and adding more partners. In my experience it fails. Why? Well, because as much as the person THINKS they are being up front and proactive with the reasons behind going, ie. to try it out and see; sometimes it ends in a flopped date and more resentment, sometimes it ends in leaving the primary for the date, sometimes it can bring up even MORE emotions because the person realizes what their partner has been getting up to and freaks out etc. Really, walking through jealousy, giving the whole thing time until there is some normalcy and settling into a routine and understanding, is a better way to start dating another person within a relationship dynamic. Pacing and time management, patience and giving ones partner space to do their thing without us is so important to a solid foundation.... I haven't run across many who build a solid foundation out of dating to get over their emotions. It seems to create more drama and more of a rickety foundation... still, this isn't always and you might break the mould on it... who knows. Good luck.
Food for thought anyway.

Have a good look around here and see what you can find that will educate. Do a search in the tags to see if there are any that you find interesting... and stick around. There is always someone that comes along to relate to.
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