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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
This doesn't seem loving at all. Where's the brutal honesty?
Radical Honesty you mean? Its a book... have you read it? good read and very helpful.

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
You love him ....on some level ....wouldn't you want him to have that dreamy eyed look that the newlyweds you have with your gf.
I am not a newly wed... dewy eyes are for newly weds in my mind (and those in NRE), not people who have been together for awhile... its fun, and lovely, but doesn't make for a long term commitment I don't think. People can have that dewy look with strangers at a swingers club. It doesn't amount to much I don't think, lovely as it is.

I don't find it realistic to think that her bf should expect or assume that she follow suit that she be a dewy eyed bride. Obviously she isn't there and I don't think she needs to be. Why throw the baby out with the bath water though... if its working for her, why not say it is, act like it is and move on. If it isn't working for him, then that is up to him. If he wants a bride to look at him with dewy eyes, then obviously she is not going to be that (right now).... maybe in the future or maybe someone else will, but that still doesn't mean ENDING what they have.
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