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Originally Posted by violet View Post
To those of you who are in a relationship and are considering bringing a third in; you have GOT to be SO. FUCKING. SURE. that you are stable and steady. Like, so sure. And KEEP CHECKING ON IT. Check on things BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU that you are POSITIVE there are no problems with - just to make sure. Double, triple check - and KEEP DOING IT.
Yay!!! say it like it is girl! The more who do the better... this is SO TRUE! never ever think that it's going to be easy breezy, cause everything and anything can come up... especially stuff that you didn't even know existed! Bringing someone into a relationship is an incredibly humbling experience. There is really no need to show off about it or be cocky, because it addresses every nit picky thing about everyone involved. All the shit that we have kept under wraps comes out and then some.... thanks for saying thi Violet!!!

Originally Posted by violet View Post
"I have to keep reminding myself that EVERYONE is still finding their comfort zone we've only all been together for about, oh 6 weeks." ....."it feels huge with the addition of another person, but the same techniques of internal reflecting and soul-searching combined with honesty and communication are fixing it, just like it would if it was still just HMA and I. We're getting better and better at this - it speaks some great things about the future."
Awesome! I'm so happy for you that things are on track again and that there seems to be some explanations as to why you were so confused and panicked. Good for you all keeping it real with communication and honesty. I'm so glad that people have been of help and gone the extra mile to help you sort it out.

That's what it's all about and what makes me smile.... so worth while.
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