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Wellllll, 10 months is not long... If after two years you feel like that then I would think about making arrangements to let him go. Besides, who says you have to love each other evenly? I don't think you do.

Is there things you love about him? Are their reasons to stay? If you can dig deep and find that there is love their, appreciation, admiration, respect.... then you are still in it... just because you stand and watch a wedding and don't feel anything doesn't mean its over. Love is not weddings and romance, love is deep commitment and desire to walk in life with someone. Not because you said a vow or because you are gf/bf, but because you feel it in your gut. Because life would be less wonderful if they were not there, but you would survive if they weren't and it would be different, so you stick with it.

Spend some time with your bf and do nice things for him if you feel love still. You don't have to gush, just show him that you care about what goes on for him and know he appreciates your time.... leave all the hot romantic passion to the gf for now and see where you are at when the NRE wears off. It will at some point and then you will know.

Ya, NRE me thinks I think you should let it go and just enjoy your gf.... it is what it is and really, all will reveal itself in good time.
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