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Hey, thanks for reading. My gf & I have been dating for 10 months. So maybe it could be NRE. I don't know. I just feel so distant. I can usually talk to him about anything but now I feel like I am hiding things, hiding my feelings about him. It makes me sad, and I don't know what I'm feeling is real and what is just me jumping to conclusions. I've been holding these thoughts in for so long and only recently said any of this "out loud" to anyone and that makes it feel real and that's what I've been avoiding. I feel relief to have gotten it off my chest, the anxiety of pushing it down has been lifted a bit, but now I just feel so much sadness and confusion it's even more overwhelming. I feel nervous to even talk to him or be around him because I don't know how I feel and he especially has no idea. I feel like a liar.
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