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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
I would feel so excited for him to experience another love or intimate relationship, I know how fun that can be....... I always felt bad that he missed out on all of the sexual diversity there is in the world, all of the adventures to be had.
Understand that this is your culture, not his. He likely does not and may never feel this way. He has his love and doesn't want anything else.

Putting your agenda on him is likely adding to the issues... accepting that this is how it is for him (and keeping in the back of your mind that it might change), is the best way, I think, to let it go and move forward... just as its annoying to be to be convinced that you should be mono, its just as annoying to have attempts made to change someone to mono.

I see the couple opening up analogy as one of the couple becoming a totally different religion... say that you are Christian, always have been and thought you always will be and sudden your partner decides that they are more fulfilled being Pagan. To a partner that has always been Christian, this can be a smack up side the head! Think now how it would feel if they start preaching Pagan beliefs! Ya, uncomfortable. Your mono man is dealing with enough without you thinking he would be better off with some other woman.... he could sees that as you trying to get rid of him!
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