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When me and the guys go out in public, we act however feels right to us..and normally, it feels as if we are the only ones in our little world. I personally dont give a rats arse what others think.... I am not afraid to show mild PDA for either guy in public..

Now, our families are a different story.

My family knows about our triad, and they dont really care as long as I am happy.. except for my son of course..

My husbands (Brian) family knows nothing. They are too traditional and would never accept the way we go about our lives, coming out to them would be very traumatic and the consequences are not worth it...

My SO's family (Brandon).. we are out to them, they are very aware of our triad and we have attended multiple family get-to-gethers and other occassions with him and his famnily accepts all of us... they have graciously and happily accepted myself and Brian into their family as one of their own... they at first were confused, but once they saw that we were all on the same page and no one was sneaking around at all, they have been awesome since.
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