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feeling better again today... this up and down back and forth on my emotions is such a drain.

Khas just left for Pixie's and the girl and I are doing leftovers for dinner. Easy

I have noticed since all of this started and I started journaling that I don't do the things around the house I used too. I rarely cook dinner anymore and I refuse to do laundry (alone, will do it together though). I have always done our laundry, most often alone, and I iron Khas' work shirts etc. etc.

But now, if we are changing our marriage to include other loves so that Khas feels more complete and satisfied and stuff then I figure that I should use this time to make changes to make MY life better too. Sounds stupid to have laundry be a basis for change.

Working my way through the muck of who I am and what I want, one day at a time....

this pathetically hurt my feelings....
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You probably think watching porn is "cheating" too.
why the attack?
Dance in the rain...
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