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Originally Posted by calypsoblu View Post
he moved out at 18, and then has had to move back home due to finding out the world is not as he thought it would be. Since being back in the family home he and I have had some heated discussions about the triad. . . . Most recently he has become very disrespectful of myself and SO... and has become very opinionated and disrespectful of our relationship.. to the point I want so badly to tell him that my relationships are frankly none of his business and that as long as he lives in my house, he will maintain a respectful attitude and mannerism toward those living in this house... what would you do in this situation? How would you handle it?
Wait a minute - your son moved out, found the world a tough place, was graciously invited to move back home by you... AND has the audacity to talk shit to you about how you live your life? He'd be out on his ass in a heartbeat if he were my son and did that to me. But then again, I was a teenager in the 70s and we were expected to be self-sufficient by 18. The first decent paying job I had, at age 16, and I was required by my mother to contribute financially for groceries, household, etc. I moved out at 18 and came back for a bit, too, but giving her lip would not be tolerated. Once we had a fight and I stayed two weeks in a motor inn until I apologized (I was 19). If not for that cultivation of independence, I couldn't have moved to NYC at age 23 to be on my own. I have little tolerance for the brattiness and sense of entitlement I see in teenagers today. Not saying he is like that, but that's the culture of his peers, and it seems to have rubbed off on him.

Remember, he's not a kid you have to take care of anymore. He's an adult grubbing off of you. If he's that disrespectful, it means he is ungrateful. Not only should he be paying you rent, he should keep his judgments and opinions to himself.

I sincerely hope he doesn't have you doing his laundry, too.
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