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I am in a MFM triad. We have been a triad for over a year now. We have two adult kids (they came w me, they are my children from a previous marriage), one whom is 20 and married and living on her own, another a son,18, whom has recently moved back into our family home due to finding out the world is alot harder than he thought on his own...

Our daughter seems to be pretty ok with our triad, she asks me all the time how "daddy" and "dad" are doing when we have conversations..etc. To avoid confusion, "daddy" is the step father whom she has known since she was 8... "dad" is my significant other, who also happens to be both of my kids "God-Father" and has known both of the kids since birth.

It is the boy that seems to have more issue with our triad. Before he moved out he knew about our triad and never said one thing about it.. he moved out at 18, and then has had to move back home due to finding out the world is not as he thought it would be. Since being back in the family home he and I have had some heated discussions about the triad. On numerous occassions he has said that "ppl he hangs with" dont agree with our triad... so that tells me he has apparently talked to his peers about it.. I recognise that he seems to have an issue with this triad, but bottom line, I feel it is best to be honest about it than to lie to him and damage our relationship due to lies. Currently our relationship is a little strained, but I would rather have that than live a lie.

Most recently he has become very disrespectful of myself and SO... and has become very opinionated and disrespectful of our relationship.. to the point I want so badly to tell him that my relationships are frankly none of his business and that as long as he lives in my house, he will maintain a respectful attitude and mannerism toward those living in this house... what would you do in this situation? How would you handle it?
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