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Default An update...

In case any of you were wondering, I did it... About a month and a half ago. I just woke up one day and decided today would be the day..

So I called my mom up and we went out to lunch (we do this often.) I ordered a drink and kept trying to think of ways to bring it up but just kinda sat there nervously - then my mom noticed lol. She stopped what she was talking about and said "...Is there something you wanna tell me??? You look like you have something on your mind, what is it, now you have to tell me." lol omg... I started blushing and getting all nervous and she suggested we drive around and we can talk about it... So I got in the car and started mumbling about how I would like to be honest with her because I respect her and want her to be a part of my life... And well a huge part of my life is the people in it I love... and well... I'm in love with someone, someone besides (my bf.) She pauses for a second and says "..You mean (my gf's name)" haha yes... that's exactly who I mean...

We talked about it for a while and she said she had suspicions, and as long as I'm happy. That she could never be with two people but if I can then okay. And that she doesn't see it working out, being with them both... I told her well that's life we will just have to see what happens... There are no real guarantees. She said she would tell my dad if I want her to but he still has yet to mention anything about my gf I've seen him. She did say she doesn't want her parents finding out... but I avoid them as much as possible any way.

So yeah, wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.
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