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Originally Posted by SoCalExile View Post
I strongly recommend professional help. It seems there are some deep problems in your marriage and neither of you sound very happy.

I think we need to talk about it with professional, but my hubby doesnt trust poeple who call counceler.
there is problem in our marriage which he doesnt want to get marriaged, but he did for me. and we were soo happy untill I come back in uk.

At some point (probably sooner rather than later) your discussions need to happen. Pretending the problems don't exist and/or simply refusing to talk about them is not going to make them go away (I should know!)- and may even make them worse because one or both of you are going to just build up emotional pressure until something explodes.

What's happening now really doesn't sound healthy.
I did explode my emotional really badly, I couldnt take it to be no respect attitude from him.
Then I told him we really need to talk, but seems to be not happen.
I just simply dont know how we can talk about it.
I will wait for while....
Do you think set a day is good things?
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