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Default Talk about emotional.

My hubby doesnt want to talk or tell about his emotion.
I can see his annoying and angry, but when I asked him, he said its ok, im ok, doesnt matter.
I asked him, tell me what, why you get grumpy or annoyed. What sort of thing we should do or shouldnt do.
so I can try to not make him grumpy or annoyed.

He is struggling to try to both of us not hurt and jelouse.
I try to ignor what my hubby and his gf does, but my hubby said my face was all annoyed. So He has to say to his gf, cant chat with her now. That's make him annoyed and grumpy, I guess.
I know I shouldnt get annoyed about he talk to his gf.

Should i just wait for him wants to talk?
What poeple do if one of you dont really want to talk about emotion.
I think its become bandlies and roles issue....
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