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TornInTwo 10-20-2009 07:57 PM

A little about me
Hi everyone,

I'm a bit nervous about this, but here goes. I've been happily married to an intelligent, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, playful lady who fills me with love and light for going on 10 years. We are each other's best friend, and strive to be together as much as our work schedules allow. We try new things together, we suffer our trials and tribulations together, and we work through our ruts together. The only hitch is that she is most definitely monogamous, and my heart desires my wife and our mutual other best friend. This has caused some problems, and I have been seeking direction only to find a very limited venue of support out there. I've been doing my homework on the groups that I've found, and polyamory.com seems to me the most friendly and helpful, and I hope that I can find my way with your help!

Thank you,

Fidelia 10-20-2009 08:39 PM

Hi. Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for.

LovingRadiance 10-20-2009 10:06 PM

I stongly advise taking a few days to just read through the existing threads. There is SO much info already here. It's amazing how many answers you will find just by reading old posts!

TornInTwo 10-20-2009 10:24 PM

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

MonoVCPHG 10-22-2009 09:11 PM

Here's a late welcome..Hi!

LovingRadiance 10-22-2009 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by TornInTwo (Post 9360)
Thanks for the warm welcomes!

Sincerely welcome-keep us posted!

Legion 10-25-2009 01:03 AM

Difficult spot, mate. I have been there and it is very tough. By describing your wife as "very monogamous" I guess you mean that she is very against you being anything other than strictly monogamous, and not just her own choices (as in the case of member MonoVCPHG whom I gather is personally mono but whose partner is not?)

TornInTwo 10-27-2009 11:27 PM

Hi Legion,


Originally Posted by Legion (Post 9811)
I guess you mean that she is very against you being anything other than strictly monogamous

Pretty well on the nose, unfortunately. There's more detail to my dilemma in my other thread, http://www.polyamory.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1014, if you're interested in reading. I'm working on a decision to that, and any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much, and glad to make your acquaintance,

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