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BrenDen 05-10-2011 06:09 PM

Great NW couple seeks BIfemale for LTR
hello all...!!!!
we are seeking love to share. my wife and i would love to open our home to a wonderful woman who seeks 2 soulmates.
we live in WA state yes i know it rains here...lol.

we have a huge home to share and we have 1 kiddo still at home, she is 15.
oh...i am 43 this year and my wife is 45.
we are and avid aquarium/fish collector and have several tanks in the home.
i (dennis) stay home and keep the house going, cooking and a damn fine one at that too, if i do say so myself...lol

my wife works and enjoys the roll reversal....
drop us a line or pm if you like and hope to hear from you soon...:D

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