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evrchanging 05-09-2011 05:28 AM

Hi All!!
I met and fell in love with my one and only partner a M to F. We have been married 8 years! 8 years of love, compassion and caring and we are still going strong. We have two beautiful daughters 6 and 1. He is 55 and his sex drive is low. It is understandable she is changing. I am 26 and full of desire. I consider myself bi. We have met and became very close friends with a guy who is 58. After a year of knowing him, and discussing it all around we, all three of us, have decided it was okay to crack the door to our marriage open, and let me play. Our friend is known as my sex toy. He is lonely and to have my body next to him all night, and to make breakfast for me in the morning is a real treat to him, beside the obvious bonus. Pretty much when I get mad horney I spend the night. Once a month or so. Day fun can be once a week with gardening time. We help each other out. He has his small farm and we have ours. We carpool and save gas going into town together, garden together, and bi-weekly get together and make dinner. I help him with his animals, and do chores that are easier on my young body. He enjoys not only my company but also my partners. He also loves playing with our two children as he had none. With a bump or two in the road setting boundaries and quailing jealousy it has been successful for 6 months now. My sex toy and I keep our passion privet. It feels a little overwhelming sometimes having two hearts in my hand. It has been a real learning experience for me because my toy is my second lover. I have been able to come back to my partner and share that experience with new ways to please her, and touch her that send her through the roof. Anyway my situation, and as you can tell I am new at the poly thing, but my love cup is flowing over. The tirade is working and its just they way I wish to keep it. Thoughts, comments, anything is appreciated, and Hi!!

Carma 05-09-2011 05:05 PM

Hi and welcome! It's nice to hear your story of success. I hope you will keep sharing. :)

evrchanging 05-12-2011 07:35 PM

I would like advise on a particular subject. The 6 1/2 year old is full of questions. She knows I go over to sextoys house. Sometimes my partner and the kids will come over to pick me up. when she came over last she nosed around and found an extra pillow of mine on his bed. She just is nosy and curious. I tell her that I am helping garden, take care of animals, ect, ect. She was sure pestering Sextoy about were I slept last time. He did tell the truth and quickly moved her to another topic, nonchalantly. I don't want her saying something to our other friends or worse our parents. Even a simple momma spent the night at Sextoys (obviously not using real name here) to help with such and such. :eek: Family is my worry, you can't chose them. I love to be honest but she is 6 1/2:confused:

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