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Twoplsmore 05-06-2011 11:41 AM

New with emotions
Hi all!!

I am a married 35 year old female who has been trying to convince my husband of 3 years to bring other women into our relationship for the last 4 years. I am bisexual and had involvements with women and groups before we started dating. I informed him of this. He was a conservative monogomous, but had underlying tendencies toward being with other women.

Three months ago he started communication with another woman without involving me. I was hurt and excited at the same time. After learning of the relationship and confronting him, which he denied we hit a huge bump. But rather than using it as a decisive measure I encouraged him to pursue the relationship. He has been communicating with her with my knowledge for the past month and things seem to be going well. She lives out of town and went to see her this weekend. Of course he was confused but they really hit it off. They ended up spending the night but no penetration.

Each time I spoke with him while he was with he excited me to no end. I have masturbated so many times since he met up with her. My problem is that I was ok until they actually got the hotel room and ignored all my texts and phone calls. he finally responded at 3 am and told me to go to bed as he was tired. I know this may be new energy. I am excited and hope this goes well, but had difficulty sleeping because I felt ignored and put off. He has told me how much he loved me constantly over the past 48 hours since meeting up with her. I know he is not going to leave. I feel a little envious because he is getting it on while I am preparing for work. Plus I am the one who has wanted to add a person, but he did it first in our relationship.

Any advice to get past this newbie jitters is appreciated:)

ImaginaryIllusion 05-07-2011 04:58 AM

Welcome to the Forum.

If advice is slow here, take a look around some of the new to poly discussions and blogs for stories that might strike a chord with how you might be feeling now.

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