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TruckerCouple 04-22-2011 03:31 PM

New and Hello all!
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We are a loving couple looking to share our love with a lovely lady. We have been married almost 11 years, been together for 14 years and know each other since we were kids.

We are professional over the road trucker drivers and at any given time be in any city in the country. Quite frankly, we are looking for a serious relationship with a lovely lady. We have been there, done that with 3 sums, 4 sums and more sums. We can get sex any where, anytime. We dont want the stricktly sexual aspect anymore. We want love! Someone we can take on trips, someone we gof for walks with the three of us holding hands. Someone we can all cuddle up in bed and watch a good movie with. Nothing more.. Nothing less.

We also love to meet new people.. As mentioned before, we are in a different city every few days and we love to bar hop, shoot pool and enjoy fine dining. Hell, we can even hit the casino, movies, nascar, amusement park, go cart track or whatever... Just hang out ya know.
Come on thru and check us out!! We have photos posted on our profile and look forward to making new friends!

Finally... We love who we are.. We would rather be hated for who we are, than loved for who we are not. Who you see is who you get.. Two of the most funny, down to earth, kind, loving, caring, giving, life living, life loving people you could ever know.

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