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COBoulder 04-21-2011 04:45 AM

Female, late twenties, near Boulder, CO
Hey everyone! I'm a female in my late twenties, and I live in a town outside Boulder, CO. My husband and I are polyamorous and I'm jumping into the dating pool. Thought I'd say hello and see if there are any members here with whom I might have something in common.

A little about me: I'm biracial (Asian and European), a fiction writer, very health-minded, love animals (especially big dogs), and have very liberal/progressive views. Of course, there's more to me than that, but for brevity's sake I'll stop there.

I'm specifically hoping to meet other women anywhere from 25-35(ish) in the area. Please know I do not want to be involved in a triad, nor do I want to be with women who are bi-curious or experimenting. I'm only interested in women who have been intimate with other women already--both sexually and romantically--and who openly identify as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, queer, etc.

Casual dating is all I'm looking for right now, but I do hope to eventually end up with something meaningful and lasting. And of course, if she's also poly and involved with other people, all the better.

Even if we aren't attracted to each other or otherwise don't hit it off romantically, I'm certainly open to making new poly friends.

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