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MsWoodland 04-10-2011 10:57 PM

Falling for someone far far away...
I met a really interesting guy (understatement) last summer. He became my friend and was with me through a lot of things that happened....online. This winter, we got very close. The problem is, he's in Canada and well...I'm not. But everyday the love in my heart grows stronger. My lifestyle is very new to him, but he seems like he might be accepting it, possibly even able to embrace it someday. Time will tell if this is the right guy for me, but very soon I'm going to get to actually meet him face to face. I'm really excited! I find myself not really out there "looking" anymore. My heart is doing wondrous backflips, and I'm melting at the thought of this actually happening.

That's it for now. lol Just wanted to share some happy.

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