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Deremna 04-07-2011 03:19 PM

Hello from Las Vegas!
Hello all! My name is Rosey and I was born and raised here in Vegas. I tend to ramble so I am going to try and make this as brief as I can so as not to bore anyone to death! :)

I have been with my boyfriend for 5 and a half years but we have known each other ever since we took Japanese in high school (my senior year, his sophomore). We currently had a huge relationship break through, obviously involving polyamory since I registered to this forum! Here is what led us to this decision:

-After two months into any straight relationship I have had, my libido dies. *poof* I'll get a random spurt here or there but for the most part, it packed its bags and left.
-I love my boyfriend more than anything and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me so I feel guilty for never wanting sex.
-About a month ago, I happened upon a site about asexuality and though, "Hmm.. Could that be the case? Perhaps I am just destined not to feel sexual attraction."
-Then, two Saturdays ago, I went to a show here in town with my bestie, Japan Nite. It was five Japanese bands all performing to raise money to help Japan. The second band came on and as soon as I laid eyes on their guitarist, I lit up from head to toe, hairs stood on end, glowing white light around her, etc. I spent the rest of the night eye stalking her which was easy as she was constantly in my line of sight.
-This event triggered an "OMG, I'm a lesbian!" response out of me. I confessed my feeling to my boyfriend last Saturday, confessed everything ever about myself, and we broke up. We were both absolutely miserable these past few days.
-Then, after a talk with his brother, he comes home yesterday and says, "What if you're not a lesbian? What if you're using it as an excuse to get out of our relationship?" A yelling match ensues.
-Then, a spark goes off in my boyfriend's head. "How would you feel about introducing another woman into our relationship?" :eek: THAT'S BRILLIANT!
-I ask "Are you sure you would be okay with that? Absolutely, 100%, a-okay with sharing me with a woman?" and he replies, "If it means I get to still be with you and that you still love me, then I see no problem with it. Plus, I mean, I'm a freaking guy. How many straight guys would turn down the opportunity to have TWO girlfriends??"

So that is pretty much where we are now. Not sure when we'll start actively seeking a partner but we have come to the definite conclusion (after imagining and discussing scenario after scenario) that I can think about him with another woman and he can think about me with another woman without a hint of jealousy. (quite the opposite actually!) And if the first go at it doesn't work, we'll just try again until we find our third puzzle piece. :D

Sorry.. Guess I did go on a bit.. Thank you if you got through it!

ImaginaryIllusion 04-07-2011 03:49 PM

Welcome to the Forum.

Looks like it's time to do some research...you're in one of the right places.

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