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sea 09-26-2009 08:08 AM

Just a curious question!
My partners and I are in a deffinate 'V', Sweetie and I are not bi and are in a relationship with one wonderful man(tommyc)
Is there anyone here that is in the same type relationship?

redpepper 09-27-2009 05:35 PM

um, like, MANY! *sarcastic voice* :rolleyes:

sorry, but if you have been reading other threads you will know this. there is tons to read on here... forgive me if I (and perhaps others) are not so willing to post if the question is redundant. Part of forum life to me is making sure I don't repeat questions and comments that others have already written on extensively. Perhaps you have something or a question that is not already covered...? if so I am looking forward to hearing and would love to engage in it.... otherwise it is all old news.... sure, you are thrilled and perhaps even in NRE over your poly relationship. I'm glad for you and glad things are so great, but please remember that to some of us on here it is just another day in poly land.

I say this in all good humour and respect I hope you realize, :p I just thought I should express, out of radical honesty, my frustration when the same old topics keep coming around with no reference to the threads and hard work that has gone on before new people arrived on this forum.

Please people, do some reading and try and at least put a new twist on old topics,.... especially under the heading of "general discussion" under "new to polyamory" I can fathom.... as it's about being "new."

anyway, enough hijacking.... I'll get off my soap box now :D

NeonKaos 09-27-2009 10:10 PM

I posted this in "Site Guidelines" but it got deleted:


River 09-28-2009 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by YGirl (Post 7774)
I posted this in "Site Guidelines" but it got deleted:


That's great -- and funny! Odd that it would have been deleted! hmmm?

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