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polyminded 04-05-2011 05:59 PM

SINGLE bi-female looking for poly relationship in denver area
I have been browsing and seen a lot of ad's for mw4w but I notice everyone keeps it very broad- i'm sure it's hard enough to find a 3rd let alone one that fits a lot of couple's ideas of what would be ''perfect'' for both of them.
So instead of trying to fit myself into their posts- i'm making my own! Not everyone is compatible, and i'd like to lay my cards out on the table as I know that there are many more couples than single females.

I consider myself very spiritual and am all about achieving balance. I have come to an understanding in life that we must blend good and bad feelings into our life- there is no ultimate happiness just more of an understanding. I have been blessed with the ability to do sound healing and I am very into helping others. I am 3/4 native 1/4 white and I would say that I am very open minded to many concepts. I am growing spiritually everyday and any people I might meet with I'm sure there will be purpose behind it. 420 friendly

I am NOT looking for a random hook up or to be your toy for a night or whenever you deem so. I am not even looking for a couple that has a focus on sex because that is not my focus at all. Of course this is an added bonus but something that should come naturally and not be expected.

I am looking for a couple that has kids possibly. Just so you can understand where I'm coming from some days lol. If not that is not a deal breaker. I'm looking for people who don't have specific expectations of how this will all play out. I am more comfortable with females and I prefer to take things slow

I have a daughter who is 19 months and very smart. She is very loved by me and her father and we are actively working together to parent her. He has a spiritual direction as well and are on good terms as how you could you not have love for a person you had a child with? I am working on (hopefully successfully) changing my ideas and views of relationships and the expectations that come with it. Currently we all live together as we have a house that we live in for free and it is a good chance for both of us to be around our daughter whenever we choose so. The free rent is because everyone(lenders trustee) dropped out of a house we rented awhile ago- and now we get to live free! At least until we get a 90 day notice when the house goes into final stages of foreclosure. If anyone is wondering about the relationship between us- it ended because it was so platonic and not sexually satisfying. I did not feel like i was in a relationship anymore and that it was two people friendly living together which is not an issue but that situation does not satisfy me. I feel you can love many people in many ways.
My reasons for wanting to be in a poly relationship is that is what I have wanted and feel comfortable with. When I was with my daughter's father I wanted that type of situation but obviously it wasn't there romantically to build anything off of. Not only this reason but as many know who are reading this- it's hard to find that ''elusive BI female''. There aren't a lot of chances at finding one bi female willing and open to that type of relationship.
I am curvy and I would say that I am not focused on many things people are. I like to have deep conversations and be outdoors and I have a very different feeling about what this world is and what our purpose is. I bring this up because some might be strictly this or that and I certainly would not do well in that situation. I don't watch tv and watch movies sometimes. When I do sound healing it is very loud and intense at times.


It would be ideal to find people who i connect with who I can talk with some and feel a connection, as I know you can feel it as soon as you even read this. These conversations can lead to meeting but of course the feeling must be mutual on both ends. I am not putting what I want because I'm very open to what that is. I want to be fully accepted as this person and what I have to offer. I am not looking to pack my bags and move in- nor am I looking to find people to pay my bills or take care of my child. I am looking for a connection another lesson in life and beautiful people to meet up with. Please when responding tell me some details and something to base a connection off of. I am not online this much but I check my emails much more adventurespirit420@gmail.com
Thanks for taking the time to read this! :D:D

BlueWithEnvy 04-06-2011 09:10 PM

Definitely one of the better put together ads on here. I wish you luck in finding what you are looking for.

I chuckled at the 420 friendly part :P one of my aunts are 1/2 cherokee and that is pretty much all she does. One of the nicest people in the world though!

MiztressMayhem 04-07-2011 02:00 AM

Me too
I wish you were in Northern California....you sound like my kind of friend.:)

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