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claytonjackie 03-19-2011 02:40 PM

Hi, I have looked on this site and can't seem to find an answer to this question. We are a couple MF seeking a Female to join us. We live in N Carolina. You do not have to be from here just willing to relocate. So the question is . . . how do I find another female to join us - are there any clubs for Polys around here or in a nearby state??? Thank you in advance.

Derbylicious 03-19-2011 02:50 PM

Try looking up unicorn. I'm not from anywhere near North Carolina but I found this on google http://www.ncpoly.org/ It might be worth looking into.

claytonjackie 03-19-2011 02:53 PM

Thanks derbylicious - I will try it out :)

Derbylicious 03-19-2011 02:54 PM

Hopefully it will at least connect you to other people locally.

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