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TheNewGirl 03-01-2011 10:38 AM

First date
So I went on my first poly date you could say. I girl i have known for years. we have been flirting for a while now and i ask my gf if i could go out with her for drinks and a show. She was fine with it and excited for me to have a good time. So she came to my house and she had a drink before heading out. went to a couple bars grabbed some after bar food then came back to my house and watched tv. nothing big happened a little hand holding and cuddling. i offered her the couch so she didnt have to drive home late and intoxicated. she accepted knowing id be going to be with my gf. when i headed to bed everything seemed fine but i wasnt laying down 5 mins before i heard her leave without saying anything. I got up and texted asking if she was ok... she said it would have been fine if it was just us...now she is freaking out. this is the first time i have tried to put aspects of poly into my life and it back fired big time... how do i get around this? is there any getting around it? i feel like the biggest idiot.

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