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Idlovetwo 02-23-2011 12:41 AM

A dream come true?
Hi folks

So happy to discover this forum and all the poly stuff on the web. It's been awesome to see there are so many people like me. I knew it wasn't just me :o

I always wanted to be poly, but it was sort of at the back of my head, couldn't even come out to myself. Sounds too weird to everybody, and I had never heard about it. Then again, I kept noticing that I could fall in love with somebody new... without falling out of love with the previous person... Isn't it painful when people don't understand that :(

I had to wait till now, in my late 30s, to realize there are other options in life, not just a mono marriage like the one I had in the past. Never too late, I suppose.

Now I'm in love with two wonderful men, and I'd be happy with it, but there are a couple of problems... First, one of my men (the one I've been dating so far) is not really happy with poly. He is soooo mono with me, which I can find flattering in some way, but doesn't help now. My other love is happy to find someone like me :) But the bad news is that he lives a thousand miles away.

How I wish I could love both of them. It would be a dream come true. I won't be easy... But as my name says, I'd love to... Or I'd love two... :rolleyes:

Thanks for being there friends! :p

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