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MaineGuys 05-30-2014 10:43 PM

Maine Gay couple looking for a third
Hi everyone,
My partner and I are a stable monogamous gay couple of 8 years looking to expand our relationship to another. Our lifestyle is laid back and relaxed with many interests. One is more of the indoor, video game, movie, motorcycle kind of guy and the other is more of an outside, hiking, nature, music and spiritual shaman type guy. We have a wonderful relationship and nurture one and other. We have loving families and a strong community of friends around us.
Triad is brand new lifestyle that we believe is right for us and we are interested in finding someone who we can share and grow with.
It took the two of us time to find one another and I know it may take longer to find our partner but we know he's out there!

Love to hear from anyone with advice for us..

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