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flfun2014 04-14-2014 02:24 AM

Jenna and Sarah meet...a new Poly relationship.
Well, I am new here, so I'm not too sure if this thread will even post. Here goes nothing! I have been married to Ross for 20 years and recently discovered that the poly word offers a much better alternative than divorce. So, I set out to discover a new potential mate for my husband. I place an ad online and within an hour I receive a great response from a wonderful woman named Sarah. She is attractive, educated, funny and very sweet. I explain to her that I love my husband but feel he needs a new love in his life. She agrees to chat on the phone after we exchange several pictures and emails. We met along with Ross at a local restaurant and make plans to go to a football game. Totally amazing! We look forward to seeing where this path takes us all.

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