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Daddysbabygirl 02-20-2014 07:57 PM

Relationship advice
Ok so quick brief history... 26 f submissive/unicorn/slave in training... I've been in a D/s relationship since September of last year.... My Daddy/Dom is 33in an open marriage,3 kids,his own home... I've spent these past few months growing and learning so many things about myself and my partner... And learning how to be the secondary to their primary relationship... I have always been respectful to his family and I always wanna make sure I stay in good favor.. Just recently I learned of the possibility of a poly home with them.. I love the idea and I know that it is something that isn't going to happen tomorrow... I just want to become more educated on the whole thing... She and I don't have any contact we have met once..she is very beautiful...everything that I know I learned from him.. I know that she likes girls... So do I... I've always been so interested... I've been with women before but just a strictly sex situation which was more for show than exploration so the thought of having a woman to be with to explore and love excites me.. I asked yesterday about what he thought if she and I started talking.. No answer yet... I guess I'm really looking for advice from someone in a similar situation.. How did u go about meet?

Magdlyn 02-21-2014 02:47 AM

Welcome Babygirl.

Your Daddy is married. You and his wife are metamours. Sometimes metamours get along great and become friends. Occasionally they become lovers. Quite often there is neutral or negative feelings and all one can have is politeness and respect without friendship.

So, just because you are bi curious doesn't mean she is the right woman for you and vice versa. If Daddy allows it, you can meet her and see if you get along, and take it from there. Keep expectations low if possible until then.

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