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GenderfluidWorldCreator 01-03-2014 06:23 AM

Genderfluid Femme seeking partner(s)
Hello! Pretty new to the forums. I've been having a right time trying to find locals who are polyamorous (I live in rural nowhere) and I'm opening to the scene after being monogamous for a long time. Please forgive my lack of personal experience.

I am actively seeking a polyamorous partner or partners. I am a genderfluid person, but I am female bodied and usually use female pronouns (depends on the day). I'm bisexual/pansexual depending on how you define bi (I think of it as attracted to people with bodies like me or people with bodies not like me) and panromantic.

I'm a creative type, as you can tell in my username. World Creator refers to my writing, where I sculpt universes for my characters. I also draw, and hope to be an animator in the future, though that's long off from now. I'm an introvert as well, I tend to prefer quiet nights in watching movies or cuddling. But I do like to go out, so long as the activities aren't strenuous (book stores and coffee shops are a favorite).

In someone I'm looking for, I want openness and honesty, which I understand is a good staple for polyamory. A love of animals would be wonderful, and a penchant for calm hobbies. I'm not too outdoorsy so I wouldn't fair well with an athletic partner. A love of various art forms is great, too, since I love art, music, and writing.

I am willing to explore something with a couple or a group, though I'm wary of "unicorn hunters." Any relationship would have to put me on equal terms with all partners, and potential relationships treated as separate connections, i.e. if I like one partner romantically/sexually but prefer the other as a friend, I don't want animosity between myself and any of the other people involved. I hate fighting and would prefer to work things out with discussions that don't get so heated that people's feelings are severely hurt.

I guess that's it? I live in the Northeast US. I can tell you a lot more in a private message. Thanks! Bye~

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