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DrunkenPorcupine 02-14-2011 07:22 PM

Non-State Marriage And Sunset Provisions
When a marriage contract expires due to a sunset provision, is there a term for that within the poly community?

I'm a poly anarchist and for obvious reasons to both anarchists and poly folk, having a marriage without the state's involvement makes sense.

One thing that my community has done is non-state marriages but we sort of re-think a lot of things surrounding marriage too. In addition to homosexual marriages being fairly common, my community recognizes poly marriage contracts. Another interesting part of that is that Sunset Provisions often appear. The marriage agreement exists for some period of time, at which case it expires if not renewed or replaced. It's the recognition that people and relationship dynamics change, and honors the relationship and commitment to others rather than the ideal of "eternity", if that makes sense.

I know not all poly folk are anarchists, but since the state doesn't recognize poly marriages, I figured poly folk might know a bit more about non-state marriages than most folks. IS there a term to describe someone who is no longer married because of the lapse of a marriage contract? Would you classify them as "divorced" or would you just consider them "single" again? Would a new term apply, to be "Sunsetted"?

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