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Elisavaet 02-06-2011 04:43 PM

Single out transsexual lesbian, vegan witch in N Dallas area
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I am an out transsexual lesbian, vegan witch. Although I am typically attracted to women and identify as a lesbian, I am bisexual in practice and sometimes find chemistry with both men and women or any of the LGBT groups :) Essentially I am attracted primarily to personality. I am a cute, petite/athletic 5'3", very left leaning liberal software developer. I live and work in NE Richardson. I have been on hormone replacement therapy and living as myself (Katherine) for about four years.

I would like to meet someone who is either a poly single or existing couple or group (sorry but I don't know what the correct terms might be). I don't plan to move anytime soon so somewhere in the Dallas to N Dallas burbs is good.

Although I am interested primarily in a relationship, dating and friends are certainly paths to that end. I believe the correct term is "closed", if that means a relationship where the members only have relationships with other members of the group.

I'm a very laid back personality, sometimes introspective, always courteous and respectful to those around me, and am truly enjoying the journey that is this life. I'm a non-smoker and a very very very light social drinker.

I would be happy to correspond with or meet to explore relationships or make new friends. The attached pictures are of me; over Thanksgiving on vacation in Puerto Rico with my sister, at a costume party a year or so ago, and this past summer on a sailboat with a friend. You can also see a video on YouTube I made recently playing one of my compositions. It's very ad hoc and the lighting is horrible so please don't judge me too harshly on it!


Katherine ElisavŠt

NeonKaos 02-06-2011 04:48 PM

Your pictures are very cute!

Since this post is primarily of a "personal-ad/seeking" nature, I'm moving it to the North America section, but you are welcome to start another thread of a more conversational-discussional topic or introduction or post in the "Personal Summaries" thread.

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