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scramcity 02-04-2011 02:32 AM

oh boy- i am lost in the multiple choices here- hopefully i have
landed in the life stories etc...

and a little shout out/thank you to previous supportive kind soul who told me things would (possibly)improve, at the fireside chat- can't seem to locate that thread to say thanks in person.... but don't we all know we can always count on the old stand by of change. thank you for the gentle reminder, and kind words...

ok here is shortest version possible :
[*]N. CA[*]20 years gay (female- hate the word lesbian)[*]massive hormone surge (best way i can explain it)[*]leads to explorations [*]prompted by f. friend in major swing mode[*]leads to new interesting and strange situations[*]leads to couple: massive crush happens[*]leads to feelings of being MORE alone[*]leads to meeting of equally hormonally driven (however also intensely monogamous) ready to be nesting male[*]leads to oy vey must i continue/[*]certainly someone here can guess the rest... if so i am buying the beer!

at this point really interested in just having a beer with some one else who can relate to just what the heck....

eklctc 02-05-2011 03:14 AM

I think you may be referring to the Fireplace category which you can access from the homepage. Well, welcome and I look forward to more detail about your journey as it develops.

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