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JCFunshine 11-07-2013 05:25 AM

JC in Detroit
Hi, I'm a thirty-something year old woman who loves to be outside, to be silly, to teach and to learn, and to develop relationships. My husband and I have been married five years. I recently brought up the idea of being polyamorous because I am constantly finding myself getting close to other guys. I enjoy getting to know people; I love to talk, and I love to flirt. I wanted a way to be able to explore this without having to lie to him. I've messed up a lot of relationships by cheating and have always struggled with the fact I hurt those I love the most. We decided that polyamory might be a good fit as I would like to have these other connections and he would like to explore some things outside of my somewhat vanilla comfort zone. We function great as a team and individually and have definitely improved our communication skills lately. So here I am in. We are still in negotiating stages, and trying to figure out how to meet other people who are like minded.

kdt26417 11-07-2013 07:57 AM

Hi JCFunshine,
Welcome to our forum.

First things first, check out our Golden Nuggets board, then, in the interests of meeting people who are like-minded, try our Dating & Friendships subforum, as well as:


You might also attempt googling "Detroit polyamory" and see if any local groups pop up. Of course in the meantime, you can poke around on Polyamory.com and find threads and people you're interested in. Post your thoughts, questions, and concerns, and see what you can learn along the way. You'll probably make some new friends here.

Glad you could join us, and wish you the best on your poly adventure.

Kevin T.

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