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redsirenn 08-10-2009 05:55 PM

not feeling so good...
I met Ouroboro's other interest this weekend. I spent friday night over there and all day sunday with them on the river. She is still in town until tuesday evening.

I realized I don't really have a problem with jealousy, which is great. However, I still feel incredibly uncomfortable. I thought about this for a while and realized that I just don't feel that I am treated "special". He treats me well, but all day sunday I felt some distance and could not pin it down. I have always known that if this was going to work, that it would require more than the usual compassion, affection, etc. than in a monogamous relationship because people involved need to feel INVOLVED.

I brought it up briefly last night because she was still around, but only mentioned that he seemed distant. He responded by saying that it is time for a check-in regarding our relationship, and that he still feels uncomfortable with the bf/gf situation we currently have.

I have no idea why, and to be honest it is driving me a little bonkers. To top it off, I am alone this week, as ALL of my friends are out of town. normally, I could quell fears by hanging out with them and distracting myself. But I cannot today.

I told myself before she got here there were things I wanted to see - actions of his I was going to pay attention to. I am saddened because I did not/ do not feel that he is doing his best to help all of us feel comfortable and wanted.

I am not a needy person. In fact, quite the opposite - I know there are others that I may not even know yet that will fulfill all my desires. Because of this, I have the confidence to move on if I need to. BUT - I don't know what to do here...

Do I talk to him now and give him a chance to act on things before she leaves, or wait patiently until Tuesday evening?

XYZ123 08-10-2009 06:13 PM

How is he acting with her? Is he treating her more "special"? Does she seem as uncomfortable? Maybe, as much as he wants this, he is just as uncomfortable with the situation as you are. Maybe he doesn't know how to act with both of you there and is afraid of jealousy and insecurity. Can you get some time alone with him to talk about this without taking time from him and her or the three of you together? I would talk to him if I got the chance. But I'd probably wait it out if there was no way to get him alone, but tell him we needed to talk asap when she left.

redsirenn 08-10-2009 07:38 PM

I just talked with him for a bit on the phone. Apparently he is confused as well. Neither of us have ever gone down this road, and we have our own insecurities and fears. He is worried that I will change my mind and decide not to explore polyamory, I was worried he would try to rush me.

We didn't have much time, and will get together after she leaves to talk some more. Although not everything was brought out of under the rug, we both felt a little better knowing that our fears were not justified.

I will update this once I talk with him. Thanks for your help. I cannot tell you how much the people on here have helped me process this stuff.


redsirenn 08-19-2009 05:30 PM

I need some advice on how to get past this uncomfortable feeling. I have thought about it for a bit, and it is the fear of loss for sure. I am worried that when Ouroboros and her begin to get more involved that he will leave. He said he has no plans on leaving, and they have not yet explored anything physically... I can't stop worrying though.

And the thing is, that If it were not another woman, (if we ended because of incompatibility reasons) I really would not be as hurt...

Please, any advice is welcome!!! I really don't know how to process this. I know all the rational facts, but my feelings are otherwise.

River 08-19-2009 06:44 PM


There's only one way to get right to the heart of a matter like this one. You've got to let him go.

Did your stomach sink when you read those words?

Well, when I said "you've got to let him go" I didn't mean that you've gotta end the relationship. What I meant was that you should drop the unconscious or semi-conscious (or whatever) belief that your joy, happiness, self-worth or self-esteem..., etc. depends on whether or not he will ever abandon you for another -- or otherwise leave you or this world.

You're not going to drop that, however, unless you first see it clearly and find it to be false -- and this is only very partially an intellectual endeavor. It's mainly a feeling endeavor, and can only be approached moment by moment, ... by moment by moment... -- in other words, right now. That's all we've ever really got, right now, and our right nows are where we construct the habits, emotional or conceptual, that conspire to make how our lives go.

Every relationship should best begin with letting the other go, because when we cling and that clinging causes fear and resentment (etc.) it always messes up all that is good in these relationships. Clinging, grasping..., has exactly (precisely!) the opposite effect of insuring that the other will stick around in a loving, joyous, beautiful sort of way. And the irony is that letting go is probably the only and best way to keep the ones we love around.

redsirenn 08-22-2009 11:33 PM

Thanks J, I read that post several times. I can't agree more.

I have a question for you all, maybe you can help me with this:
I am discovering that our relationship is developing in the way that I had hoped and could not be happier… but I have this fear of the future. The what-ifs, you know? What if he leaves me for someone else, what if this relationship is a bad idea for someone who has gone through a divorce, AND a rape? I am sensitive to these things, and definitely do not want to purposely place myself in a bad situation. Everything else about this relationship is great at the moment – great sex, open communication, friendship, honesty, fun, chemistry, respect...

Any advice from someone that has had similar experiences in the past?

What of this is me trying to overcome social conditioning? And, is this a natural part of overcoming this, if so? Or should I listen to these fears more seriously?

When do you decide to pay attention to what the future might hold, instead of focusing on the present, even if the present is good? Do you ever?

As you can see, I am confused... again.

If mono is reading, I would like some input from you too... thanks!

River 08-23-2009 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by redsirenn (Post 5251)
Everything else about this relationship is great at the moment – great sex, open communication, friendship, honesty, fun, chemistry, respect...

In another topic in this forum there has been talk about "security" in relation to commitment in loverly relationships. And as I was reading that I was thinking that while seeking certain kinds of "security" in loverly relationships is valid enough, and understandable enough, ... well, we humans are typically a fair bit confused as to what sort of security we can or should expect to find in our loverly relationships. What's realistic?

If already there is "great sex, open communication, friendship, honesty, fun, chemistry, respect... ", "at the moment," my goodness, there's about as much legitimate security in that as one could ever hope for! The key is which moment you are in.

The key is what moment you are in.

The key is what moment you are in.

I repeat this because this is the moment, right NOW, here and now, where the seed of the future can be nourished with your own lovingkindness and mindfulness. And the best way to nourish that seed is to let the future go. It's really none of your business. Rather, the seed of the future (which is now) is your business -- along with this infiinite present moment in all of its changes.

The surest way to poison future NOW moments is to wrap the present moment in anxiety about them. This also poisons the now moment. The anxiety that goes along the lines of "What if X leaves me?!" ... or "What if X suddenly dies in a firey plane wreck/cancer/meteor shower...? ... What does that fear/worry anxiety do? It makes us pull away, contract, ... We then fear giving our best or our all to X, because already X is abandoning us, in our imaginations. Our feared imaginings take over and poison the quality our relating with X, and that has an affect -- and the affect may be just what we fear most: distance rather than closeness with X!

Yes, the future needs attending to, of course! Yes, planning and thinking of the future is necessary -- to some extent, in appropriate and realistic ways. But if it is joy and happiness you want, attend primarily to now. Now is quite obviously all you have in time, the whole of it. The future belongs to itself, along with the past, but your purchase on existence and reality is ... right now. And then now again. And -- LOOK! -- it's still now.

And now again.

redsirenn 08-24-2009 01:41 AM

Hello again.

I know that this is true. This is something I repeated to myself frequently for a while...but I must have forgotten. I think I needed someone to remind me of this.

Thanks again for the wonderful insight. Freedom to be yourself and not feel judged in a relationship is a beautiful thing. That is something I want, and want to give to others.

River 08-24-2009 01:46 AM

We all need reminding, myself no less than any other.

redpepper 08-24-2009 05:01 AM

I agree that living in the moment is important, especially if you are to enjoy yourself, but one needs to live every moment with the end result in mind. Perhaps there is something that is left un-answered for you, or that you feel unsure about. When Mono wrote the thread he did about this some time ago he was trying to live in the moment because of un-communicated issues that I had to drag out of him. He had misunderstood, or didn't understand something and instead of voicing it, bottled it and got scared and paranoid, which lead to his living in the moment and not thinking about the future. Once it was all out in the open there was a huge shift and we all enjoyed the moment much more because we were all thinking about our continued happiness and future building.

I'm not saying that this is the case for you, but worth thinking about maybe???

If it isn't I totally know what you mean... although I don't think about bad stuff coming up, more like, "how could this possibly feel so natural and right???!!! how could I possibly be in this situation and feel so at home and whole???!!!"

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