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ImaginaryIllusion 10-31-2013 02:23 AM

The Goddess, Playing in NYC, Until 3 Nov 2013
For members in/near NYC, looking to take in a play in the next couple days:

The Goddess
By Justine Lambert and Kenneth Nowell

Challenging conventional beliefs about love,
marriage, and sex the Goddess Venus appears
to Mike and Emma to shake things up


Members of Polyamory.com may use a special promo code - "POLYAMORY" - which will give exclusive discount for these events to both the Poly 101 class, as well as all remaining performances. The discount rates for Poly 101 are $15 for singles, $25 for couples (or they may attend the workshop and the show, plus the keyparty, for $25/$45). If guests would like to attend any of our remaining performances, they may use "POLYAMORY" to receive a $15 rate.

If anyone does attend, please come on back to this thread and tell us all about it.

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