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ray 01-31-2011 08:27 PM

Kissing girls, lies, and friends with benefits
So, I had a busy weekend.

I went to a local club (it was fetish night) with O and A and two friends. It was less kinky than I expected but they did have a vac bed and a bondage demo. This random guy kissed me which I didn't really appreciate. He was a dom and he recognized my sub-ness but neglected to notice that I wasn't actually his. He was treating me rather like livestock, I half expected him to check my teeth. After I extricated myself from that situation as gracefully as possible, I rejoined my friends. I mentioned that he'd kissed me but I wasn't into it. One thing led to another and one of the friends, Emma, offered to give me a kiss. I, of course, accepted and it was the first time I'd kissed a girl. Needless to say, I liked it and wanted to make out but was too shy to ask. Later, I heard that she felt similarly. ;) Emma and her husband, Damien, have some roots in the swinger community. They're also O and A's best friends. It's looking more and more possible like Emma, Damien and I are interested in playing around a bit. It's an exciting possibility and I enjoy their company and would love if we could have friends with benefits deal. The only thing is that Emma and Damien don't know about O and I. They know that we're friends and we flirt a lot but I'm pretty sure they don't know about the rest. O has made no mention of telling them but I'm not sure that I'm comfortable moving ahead with Emma and Damien until they know that I am seeing O. I feel like to keep it secret would be putting me in an awkward place. If they didn't know each other, I'd just say, hey I'm seeing some one, they don't want to be mentioned but you don't know them anyway. But how I can I say that if it's their best friend? And then if they ask how long it's been going on, they'll find out that we started dating a week before O and A's wedding. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous for them to know. I guess I'm afraid that they'll see me in a negative light. All that business aside, however, I'm pretty excited to see what comes of this. We've been dancing around it for awhile.

I'm curious to hear about how other women have navigated their first experience with women. And with dating/playing within close knit groups of friends where you're the newcomer.

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