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Sevof9 10-01-2013 12:57 PM

brand new
Hi everyone

Spent a few days creeping on the forum before actually piping up here. Here is a quick hello, who were are, & how we came to consider ourselves members of this community. Forgive me if I get some of the language wrong - we have only been "out" for about 2 weeks (though we always knew this was a path we would step foot upon together).

I am Sev, 30 y/o cisgender omni female, married to Angie, 24 y/o cis-female, for 4 years. Love of my life. If there has ever been a pair of soulmates on this planet, may I present us for your approval :)

We live in Massachusetts & have only just begun "dating". Which means that we kind of accidentally had a threesome with a young male friend & realized - now is the time.

Something always just felt...right about poly, since Ang & I met . Love is something that I had to learn. My wife, however, is one of those rare & beautiful human beings to whom love & loving comes so naturally. So sharing that with other people simply seems like a natural progression, or extension, of the love we share & the bond we have. Also, sex is pretty cool, too ;)

So currently we are in a kind of informal quad with another married couple now (m/f, hetero/bi) with whom I have been dear dear friends with for about a decade. It is new, exciting, & comfortable, so far. I feel confident, the wife feels confident, & we feel sexier & more in love than ever.

I keep expecting this all to blow up in my face AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT NOW!!!

So that's me. Like I said, we are brand new to this community, & have some catching up to do.

kdt26417 10-01-2013 07:15 PM

Greetings Sevof9,
Welcome to our forum.

Sounds like you've made a very positive foray into polyamory and picked out an excellent couple in doing so. Nothing so sweet as growing a romance with long-time dear friends.

Anything new tends to be scary even if exciting, so it makes sense for you to join Polyamory.com and learn a lot about how poly does (and doesn't) work. Communication is perhaps the biggest key, so if you communicate well with each other then that's a hopeful sign.

We have a Golden Nuggets board that might prove useful to you, it covers a lot of bases about what you need to know about polyamory. And, you'll find helpful hints scattered throughout our threads and boards. You can do searches, tag searches, and of course post anytime you have a thought, question, or concern.

Hope you enjoy your time with us; good to have you aboard.

Kevin T.

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