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Evo 10-01-2013 01:43 AM

East Tennessee
Hello Everyone,

I am still very new to this site. However, here goes - I am a 30 year old educated (and continuing education) male that is heavily tattooed. My long term girl friend is a 31 year old, educated ( and continuing education as well) female that is not tattooed at all ( opposites eh ? ). We both have been within polyarmous type relationship within the last year or so together. Although we find difficulty finding like-minded ladies.. This maybe due to a lack of understanding or something along those grounds, modestly I would like to think it is mostly an understanding or just not the right person for us to share a relationship with. Neither of us are looking for outright sex, though of course sex is a great thing! BUT intelligence, creativity, honesty, and an over-all positive outlook on life is greater to the both of us and should be to an addition as well!

So the main reason for this post - is there any females within the east Tennessee area that would be interested in getting to know us? Even as friends or digital keyboard pals lol.

I almost feel this is just a revised version of my introduction from last night/early morning; however, I guess it is also an action to express that we are two individuals looking for an individual that is female and of a like-mind. To further the details is welcoming, however such would be preferred after a reply to this post. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read, scan, and reply to this post. Have a blessed week ahead!

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