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Murasaki 09-26-2013 12:06 PM

Iíve been around this site/forum for a while now. So while I feel like I know a lot of the regulars here, you guys donít really know me.
Iíve learned a lot from the threads here, and from the external likes offered in suggested reading advice in posts.

Iím not entirely certain what​​ ​Iíll be sharing. I do intend to start a blog, and I have some things I want to post about in the general topics section. Iíll get to those posts eventually.

kdt26417 09-26-2013 10:38 PM

Hello Murasaki,
Glad to have you onboard.

I've read your posts on your blog so far, and wish you and Kuroi the best. Do you have a third adult in your lives at this time? It sounds like you were in a V for awhile; couldn't tell if you still are.

How old is Momoiroi? Does he/she know much about your polyamorous history?

Welcome to our forum,
Kevin T.

Murasaki 09-27-2013 02:52 PM

​​I do not believe that Kuroi and I have shared ​the details of our past polyamorous ​experiances​ with Momoiroi​, we only recently recognized them as such. However Momoiroi is fully aware of our recent polyamorous endeavor. The ups and the downs. Momoiroi was not part of the worst of the drama, but saw enough to know it can be both wonderful, and very very emotional.

Iím not sure how to describe the current state of my Poly. I suppose you could still call it a V. But neither of the legs is as solid as that sounds. You might say that one leg is faded, and not so solid, and the other is more like a dotted line. For a while both dyad relationship had primary status. Now only one holds that claim (see my meanings in my blog for clarity and understand of what ďprimaryĒ means to me). My Long-term partner and I ar​​e committed to correcting our relationship.

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