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smigle 09-17-2013 04:56 AM

Hello, Adelaide, AUS 33 male
Hello, my name is smigle, 33 year old male. Not my real name. I am in Adelaide, Australia. Well educated and completing postgraduate studies and working full time as a professional. I have been in many gay relationships in the past. Over the past three years I have ended up having strong sexual desire for woman, and enjoyed my short bursts of sexual connection. I don't like tagging sexuality, thus I am a sexual being whether male or female depending on mental, physical attraction. If I had to be classified I am bisexual, but would like to explore the side of polyamory, even develop something stronger with men and woman. Anyway here to find like minded people and I am interested in chatting to others.

kdt26417 09-17-2013 10:50 PM

Hi smigle,
Welcome to our forum.

You might find the Dating & Friendships subforum to be helpful in finding friends locally; also you can read and post on any number of our boards and get to know poly people around the world.

You seem to be an interesting person with much to contribute. I'd be curious to know what you've majored in so far. I hope you enjoy our site and find answers to any questions you might have.

Kevin T.

smigle 09-20-2013 04:03 AM

Hi Kevin, I am majoring on clinical science. Have you done any studies?

Yes I am interesting indeed.


ColorsWolf 09-20-2013 04:26 AM

Welcome smigle!~ *laughing* I'm sorry, I couldn't keep myself from bursting out laughing the moment I saw your name, I immediately thought it was pronounced "Sm"ee"gol" as the man that Hobbit was before he became corrupted by the One Ring and turned into "Gollum" in Lord of The Rings series!~ ^_^ XD

Welcome to the polyamory forums!~ ^_^

You could take a look at my profile: I have a link to my OkCupid profile, I'm always looking to make new friends and maybe lovers.~ ^_^

I am a Sailor, so I will be traveling all of this planet, so I could be in your backyard in less than year.~ ;3

Here's my OkCupid profile link in case you're interested:


I also recommened using OkCupid WITH these forums, it can help out A LOT!~


Welcome and I hope you have a great time!~ :)


kdt26417 09-20-2013 05:03 AM


"Hi Kevin, I am majoring on clinical science. Have you done any studies?"
Oh, not much beyond high school. I have lots of practice on poly fora though. :)

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