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alibabe_muse 09-04-2013 11:40 PM

Spokane Polyamory Group - Update
Below is from the new organizer for the Inland NW Poly Group:

Hello and Good Afternoon to all,

Welcome back from the long Labor Day weekend. I hope you all enjoyed your extra time off (if you were able to take it). I took an extra day off and had a good 4 day weekend, myself!

My name is Nathan, and I have been Poly since discovering this group last September. I have loved learning and growing in the Poly lifestyle, and feel that I have found something that is a really good fit for me and helps to relieve some of the stresses that the choice of monogamy created. I hated to see the group disappear, so I have stepped up as organizer and bought us a 3 month subscription (at $15/month) to give us a good buffer of time to hopefully get things going strong again by the time good old reliable "Mother Frost" returns to our driveways ;-)

I plan on putting a little more of my weekly focus towards organizing events and meetups to get people motivated, and would greatly appreciate any assistance that any of you are able to offer. Please don't hesitate to create a suggested meetup on the group's page, because as soon as 3 people have RSVPed "Yes" to it, it becomes an official meeting and everyone gets email notification of its posting. Plus, after living in Spokane for only just more than a year, I feel that I still have a lot to learn about the area and the awesome meetings/events that can be created, so community participation is very much encouraged. We have a great opportunity to learn from each other and for our own individual personal growth if we're all willing to give a little bit of our time and energy. Let's not let the subscription cost go to waste, and let's get things rolling smoothly again =)

I'll be getting a meeting organized soon! Thank you to everyone who is dedicated to seeing the group continue strongly and flourish. I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future!

Everyone have a great day, and enjoy the rest of your week!


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