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aussielover 07-25-2009 12:06 AM

Tats & Piercings?
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Yes, TATS, not tits hehe

So what have you got? I have 8 or 9 tats (depending on who you ask... ask me, I have 9, my artist says 8, because he incorporated one into another). I have just slightly streched earings... you wouldn't know if you saw them.
I know I saw somewhere Mono's got a few.. (are you an artist? Feel like coming to Ontario? hehe)

All of my tats have special meanings. None of them were spur of the moment and none I regret.

In the order I got them
The little angel with the purple rose is my first one (on my left shoulder)
Second was my Xena tat ( I LOOOOOVE XENA) her chakram and Gabrielle's sais, a design I did. (back of right shoulder)
third a friend of mine was murdered a few years back, this is her tribute. (2/3rds of right arm)
fourth, Canadian flag (faded) (right ankle)
Fifth, a little cherub (left ankle)

aussielover 07-25-2009 12:17 AM

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I could only upload 5 lol

6th My angel heart, for my two angel babies (back of left shoulder)
7th My Hunny Bunny with flag (my two combined) (right leg) my grandparents used to call me hunnybunny so when my grandmother passed I got this in their memory. It was completely hand drawn.
8th triple lunar goddess (back of my neck)
9th, my words of wisdom, to remind me all I've been through makes me stronger. (my left forearm)

Sunshinegrl 07-25-2009 02:48 AM

I have my navel pierced. And My ears I have three holes and a fourth on the top of one. And One tat so far. A Butterfly on my ankle. I have plans to get more. :)

XYZ123 07-25-2009 04:06 AM

Two piercings in each ear. Pierced navel that I refuse to take out even at 6 months preggers. (Much to the disappointment of my OB) One tat of a fairy on my left lower back. I didn't design it but I filled the colors. It was my "practice tattoo." I haven't gotten any other yet but I design custom tats for people.

Sunshinegrl 07-25-2009 05:26 AM

I kept my navel piercing in for two pregnancies!. I had it done a week before I found out I was Pg the second time. I put an extra long plastic tounge ring in it to stop it from tearing.

vandalin 07-25-2009 01:38 PM

I am soo vanilla! My ears are pierced, once. And they like to close up since they get inflamed from every type I've tried. No tats. See, very vanilla. lol

Aussielover: I love the tats, especially the goddess one, very nicely done.

aussielover 07-25-2009 02:47 PM

Thanks very much. I love all my tats! That one is great :) Symbolizing the Maiden, Mother and Crone, all aspects of womanhood.
And apparetnly, the location of it is a bonus ;) hehe I've been told it's rather sexy there.

NeonKaos 07-25-2009 03:04 PM

I can outdo all of you because I have no tattoos and no piercings. I had my ears pierced until I was about 19, then I stopped wearing them and they closed.

If I ever get a tattoo it's gonna be Pac-man on one butt-cheek and one of the blue ghosts after you eat an energy-dot on the other butt-cheek.

crazyeights101 07-27-2009 02:41 AM

Pierced tounge and ears. had navel pierced twice, and never again as i have sensitive skin and even the plastic one got irritated. Would get a tattoo if i could think of anything that i would be proud of the rest of my life.

MonoVCPHG 07-27-2009 04:36 AM

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All my tattoos represent things in my life. I have ones related to my ex wife and others that tell secrets without actually telling them (Only Redpepper knows the meaning behind all of them...I told her on our first coffee date as I was overwhelmed by instant trust in her). I would never remove or cover up a tattoo because they represent growth and knowledge to me. I think Redpepper is unique in seeing the beauty in honouring my ex-wife by adding to my tattoos and not obliterating them.

I have a large amount of skin dedicated to the connection I have with Redpepper. It represents new growth and a union we have just begun to realize. Regardless of what happens in the future it will always be special to me and represent a transition in how I connect and love someone from a very different place than I have ever been. She has taught me a lot about myself and we are truly soul mates so it is only natural for me to declare this amazing relationship through a visual tapestry. (I believe you can have more than one soul mate incidentally) The symbol is a union of the libran and sagitarius zodiac signs.

I will eventually add to my ring tattoo….but I am ok with waiting…I’m staying put with my Life Love:)

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