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Laylah 01-15-2011 08:31 AM

hi everybody!
me and my hubby are in alabama. mainly looking for friends.. but a sisterwife would be the main goal i suppose lol. we do have 3 children. good lord let me see.... may as well lay it all out on the table right. After all this is an introduction lol. Well... we have 3 kids.. 1 dog... 3 kitties( although sometimes they bring their buddies home with them) We are spiritual.. but dont attend any church of any kind. We frequently go to powwows and that kind of thing. Camping and the whole bit. We are native american also. We live in a very VERY small town. And so the whole polyamory way of thinking is alien to the people here. But... if one looks back in history..... and even now... many cultures still openly practice it. So I suppose you all could say we are alittle bit diffrent than others where we are. My husband is straight... I am not. we are not swingers... we are looking for ladies only. and if something comes more out of a friendship cool..... if not thats cool to. in this day and age.. one can not have to many friends.:D

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