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viracochaloves 08-05-2013 02:05 AM

El amor por polyamor- an expatriot's point of view
I'm quite happy to have found this forum, I feel that I can't express my romantic philosophy in my new country, let alone my sexuality. I took my dream job in classical music in Peru of all countries, but within the time I had still in the USA I met a couple looking to date. I liked who they were, hadn't considered ethical non-monogamy before then but decided it was the time in my life to try it. We had a truly beautiful romance, I realized that my bisexuality was fully satiated within a polyamorous dating structure. We still write and skype, but I also would love to have my own home-grown romances here. While homosexuality is not criminalized in Latin America cultural Catholicism does govern many people's opinions and one thing that does seem very apparent about Peru is the pride they have for their customs and beliefs. I wish to connect with more poly people in order to remind myself not to feel weird or wrong to know that I am not a monogamous creature, and find a way to enlighten poly lifestyle within my new culture.

kdt26417 08-05-2013 09:29 PM

Hi viracochaloves,
Welcome to our forum.

You will certainly find a sympathetic ear here, and opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of polyamory with other polyamorists. You may even find our Dating & Friendships subforum helpful, although I suppose finding people in your area will be a long shot. Otherwise there's:


And a few poly-friendly dating sites:


Have a look around at our various threads and boards and see what calls to you. Feel free to post any thoughts, questions, concerns, or what have you.

Good to have you aboard.
Kevin T.

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