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Jodi 01-12-2011 09:01 PM

me & hef
hee heee...i hope u all get a laugh out of this...i think hef is pretty much a poly kinda guy.

i took this over the summer...well my teenage daughter...i took her, her friend and my son, 15 to vegas for 1st time. was quite an experience.

i've been a member here for a few months now. thanks for reading.

eklctc 01-13-2011 04:30 AM

Welcome to the forum...officially.

illusion010101 01-13-2011 03:18 PM

welcome, never been to Vegas but i this the spice want to hit Rama next month. Rama is the "crappy" Canadian version of Vegas. should be fun. i Love hemorrhaging money

illusion010101 01-13-2011 03:18 PM

wow time for coffee that almost made no sense...

Jodi 01-13-2011 04:08 PM

have fun in canada!

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