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LHCG3 06-28-2013 07:05 AM

Hers and Mine
So a little bit (or a lot) about me and my better half...

Well, to start off with, we are two, passionate females seeking to explore the polygamous lifestyle beyond our current knowledge. We've been in a healthy, committed relationship for almost 3 years now and have talked several times about the possibility of maybe adding another individual down the road. As we continue to think this through, we hoped to meet some new poly friends that could share their experiences and insight with us.

Some more about us... We're both very loving individuals that can't get enough of each other. Together, we're fun-filled and spontaneous, always looking for something to do and someway to have a good time. In a relationship, we are both pretty easy-going, patient, and affectionate. We've always been able to trust each other, and we've never struggled with honesty or communication. Our sex life is exceptional to say the least. All in all, we enjoy each other's company and attention and neither one of us gets easily annoyed.

Here's a little bit more about each of us individually:

Mine -- I'm mixed (multiracial) with a naturally tan complexion. I stand at 5'5'' and weigh around 120lbs with a slim but toned athletic build. I have brown eyes and curly, medium-length dark brown hair. I'm "gay" (or technically "bisexual") and have been in relationships with both men and women before (more women than men). I hate labels, and I think they cultivate narrow-mindedness; With that said, I'd like to think I'm pretty open-minded. Most of my friends would say I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'm talkative and an all-around fun time. I'm currently a college student with a part-time job. I also play basketball (used to play softball). I don't smoke, and I'm a social drinker. Some of my hobbies are art, fitness, web/graphic design, and occasionally partying with friends.

Hers -- She's a 5'4'', 125lb Caucasian female with blue eyes and straight, long brown hair. She's naturally curvy (in all the right places) with a slender, toned athletic build, and she's also currently a college student. She plays soccer and workouts regularly. She's mostly interested in women but open to trying new things under the right circumstances. Most of our friends would say that she's talkative, friendly, and an overall nice person. Like me, she's a nonsmoker and only really drinks socially. A few of her many passions are swimming, snowboarding, exercising, and writing.

Morava 06-28-2013 02:24 PM

Hello and welcome.

kdt26417 06-28-2013 07:15 PM

Hello LHCG3,
Welcome to our forum.

You might want to check out our Dating & Friendships subforum, it could help you find some friends in your area. In the meantime, delve into our many threads and boards, see what calls to you, and post your thoughts, questions, and concerns. There is so much to learn on this site, it's a wonderful place to be.

You sound like a wonderful couple, with many positive attributes. I hope you have an awesome time as you explore polyamory.

Kevin T.

Magdlyn 06-29-2013 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by LHCG3 (Post 212354)
We've been in a healthy, committed relationship for almost 3 years now and have talked several times about the possibility of maybe adding another individual down the road.

Hi and welcome.

Look around the boards, do a tag search on "triad" and "unicorn." You may learn from other's experiences that tight couples who want to share almost everything almost never succeed in sharing another human being, no matter how determined they are to all be "equals."

Triads most often are successful when you see each new lover as an individual. No expectations the new person needs to fit in a box of being attracted to, loving, both of you equally. But occasionally, when a couple is dating individually, one of their OSOs just might fall for the other primary partner as well.

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