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midwestdork 06-28-2013 12:10 AM

Hi, I recently found this forum, and feel as though instead of being a nameless lurker, I should be a named one.
My wife and I have been together for more than eleven years, dating on and off since we were both in college, in the 90's. We have always had an open relationship, though we prefer to think of it as a negotiable one. We had a long time third up until recently who decided to break it off with us, her, and our needs and desires in the relationship had changed quite a bit since we had started dating her.
my wife has recently become interested in entering into the social dating circles of our local area. which I am very happy that she has decided to become more outgoing on her own and have high hopes that even if she doesn't meet a new person to develop both a physical and emotional relationship with, that she meet new and interesting people.
I joined here because I want to support her in this, and am looking for new and fresh ideas to go about it, as well as find new ways to help any new relationship that may happen be more successful for her, and whomever else may join with her.
so that's the why I'm here.
Who I am.
a husband, content with his personal love life, cool with the idea of having more than just her and I in our relationship. recognizing that at this point in our lives, my wife feels that she needs more than what I can give her...Physically, I mean, cause, well, i'm a guy, she's bi, and I don't have the equiptment to fulfill all her needs.

I guess, I figure that a potential outcome of any purely physical relationship is for it to develop into a fulfilling emotional one as well, and I want to make sure I can be as supportive as possible. I recognize there are ton's of people out there who have had much more experience in poly relationships than us, and hope that I can learn, and gain advice here to make myself a better husband/boyfriend/significant other.
um...hope you all have an awesome day? :D

kdt26417 06-28-2013 12:32 AM

Greetings midwestdork,
Welcome to our forum.

You should be able to learn a lot of helpful info here; just have a look around and see what calls to you; post any thoughts, questions, or concerns that come to your mind.

It's great that you're very supportive of your wife, and I'm sure she appreciates it a lot. It's good to have you aboard here.

Kevin T.

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