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dnllkey 06-12-2013 09:37 PM

Hey Y'all, from Greenville SC!
Although I am from South Carolina, the Hey Y'all was a joke ;)

I am very new to poly. I was introduced to it a few years ago by a man and his wife, but never lived the lifestyle. However, I have always been very curious and have researched and researched and researched and.... well you get the point!

I live in Upstate SC in Greenville. I have had a hell of a past 5 years, and I am ready to completely change so many things in my life.

I am looking for couples who are looking for someone to add to their life to love, care for, and me reciprocate that to them. I am extremely caring, very giving and I very much love to laugh :)

Feel free to message me or leave a message here if you would like to know more, and I will answer as soon as possible! ;)

kdt26417 06-12-2013 10:20 PM

Hello dnllkey,
Welcome to our forum.

I recommend the Dating & Friendships subforum to help you in your search. Sounds like you have done quite a bit of contemplating about polyamory. I hope Polyamory.com proves to be a helpful site for you.

Kevin T.

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